ARLINGTON, VA. — This summer, the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) will embark on a significant project to provide members of the pet food industry and other stakeholders with valuable industry data. The organization aims to update its 2019 dataset of the “Pet Food Production and Ingredient Analysis” report and is asking for donations to support the project. 

IFFEDER’s report has served as a key resource for the industry. For example, IFEEDER’s previous report detailed that in 2018 9.8 billion tons of pet food was sold at a value of $30.3 billion. Regarding ingredients, farm and mill-based ingredients represented the largest volume used in pet food at 4 million tons. This was followed by meat and poultry ingredients at 1.83 million tons and rendered protein meals at 1.5 million tons. 

IFEEDER plans to update this data and more, and make it available to the industry. In order to do this, the organization is asking for $48,000 in contributions to help fund the project. Contributors will be invited to serve on the advisory group, in which they can review and provide their input on the project. 

Donate here to support IFEEDER’s research

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