GREEN BAY, WIS. – BelGioioso Cheese Inc. shared that it has $7 million in strategic investments planned for its Polly-O Cheese brand in the coming year.

Wisconsin-based BelGioioso also recently invested $3 million to upgrade its historic Polly-O plant in Campbell, NY, and built a new distribution center for Polly-O cheeses in Glenville, NY.

BelGioioso acquired Polly-O in 2021. The company said its coming investments will lead to better service and a longer shelf life for its Polly-O products, through improved operations and production planning. 

The leadership at BelGioioso plans to reinvigorate the Polly-O brand, which it credits with revolutionizing the mozzarella category.

“If you grew up on the East Coast, Polly-O Ricotta and Mozzarella are certainly part of your childhood’s family lunches at your grandmother’s house,” said Gaetano Auricchio, president of BelGioioso. “We will continue honoring that tradition and plan on growing the Polly-O line, introducing new, innovative and high-quality cheeses into the dairy section.”

The Polly-O operations run separately from BelGioioso.

“Investing in the people and community of farmers made the most sense to us,” Auricchio said. “The New York employees have shown us that they are committed to the brand and we could not turn our backs on that.”

The Polly-O brand was established in 1899 by its founder, Giuseppe Pollio, in Long Island, NY, where he established a small Italian deli called Pollio Latticini. As the cheese brand grew, the Campbell plant opened in 1938.

Highlighting the brand’s nostalgia and tradition, BelGioioso brought back the Polly the Parrot mascot, as well, featuring the character on the packaging of many of its Polly-O products.

BelGioioso is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in artisan Italian cheesemaking.

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