TILLAMOOK, ORE. – Tillamook County Creamery Association revealed that it successfully recertified as a B Corporation, noting the process involved measurement of the impacts the company has made in the areas of governance, workers, customers, community and the environment.

The farmer-owned dairy cooperative first became B Corp certified in 2020.

Tillamook shared that its recertification involved 250-plus questions tied to data analysis and documentation, as well as auditing visits to its production plant, offices and creamery facilities, and confidential employee and staff interviews. The company said its new B Corp score of 94.1 was 7.5 points better than its first score in 2020, noting a score of 80 or higher qualifies a business for certification.

Paul Snyder, Tillamook’s executive vice president of stewardship, said the cooperative is committed to making progress toward delivering on its previously established six stewardship commitments.

“Meeting the high standards set by B Corp validates our recent stewardship efforts and the work that our farmer-owners began over a century ago,” Snyder said. “This recertification is especially important as we continue to grow nationally and deepen our relationships with fans across the country.”

For-profit companies that work toward building a more inclusive and sustainable economy through their business endeavors can achieve B Corp certification via B Lab’s process.

Tillamook shared that when it first joined the B Corp community in 2020, only 3,600 companies worldwide held that status, but now there are 8,200 certified B Corps companies, from 162 industries and 96 countries.

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